About St. Raphael the Archangel Roman Catholic Church

St. Raphael the Archangel Roman Catholic Church is a non-diocesan church dedicated to preserving the traditions and teachings of the Roman Catholic Faith. We reject the Novus Ordo institution and adhere to the sedevacantist position, upholding the true Catholic Faith as it was prior to the modernist take over at Vatican II.


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Our principles

We are dedicated to preserving and practicing the Roman Catholic Faith as it was established prior to the disaster of Vatican II, following the teachings and traditions handed down to us.

Sedevacantist Position

Independence from the Novus Ordo

Faithfulness to Tradition

We are not affiliated with the Archdiocese of Indianapolis or the Novus Ordo institution.

We firmly believe that Francis-Bergoglio and the hierarchy in union with him do not hold formal authority within the Catholic Church. We reject the teachings of the modernist Novus Ordo sect and uphold the true Catholic Faith.

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