Bulletin Dec 25th, 2022

St. Raphael the Archangel Roman Catholic Church
Traditional Pre-Vatican II Mass and Sacraments
1401 Norton Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46277
(317) 296-3757
Rev. Fr. Christopher Spray – Rector
Week of December 25, 2022Weekly Collection 12/18 – $574.99  


Weekly Liturgical Calendar and Mass Intentions

MondayDec 26St. Stephen, Protomartyr (d2cl) Within the Octave Pro Populo
TuesdayDec 27St. John, Apostle and Evangelist (d2cl) Within the Octave Pro Populo
WednesdayDec 28The Holy Innocents (d2cl) Within the Octave Pro Populo
ThursdayDec 29St. Thomas of Canterbury (d) Within the Octave In Thanksgiving – J. Suarez
FridayDec 30  Sunday within the Octave of the Nativity (sd) Within the Octave Gregory Stassen – F. Stassen
SaturdayDec 31St. Sylvester I (d) Within the Octave Donor’s Intention
SundayJan 1Feast of the Circumcision (d2cl) Pro Populo

“O Divine Infant! we too must needs join our voices with those of the Angels, and sing with them: Glory be to God! and Peace to men! We cannot restrain our tears at hearing this history of thy Birth. We have followed thee in thy journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem; we have kept close to Mary and Joseph on the whole journey; we have kept sleepless watch during this holy Night, waiting thy coming. Praise be to thee, sweetest Jesus, for thy mercy! and love from all hearts for thy tender love of us! Our eyes are riveted on that dear Crib, for our Salvation is there; and there we recognize thee as the Messias foretold in those sublime Prophecies which thy Spouse the Church has been repeating to us in her solemn prayers of this night. Thou art the mighty God – the Prince of Peace – the Spouse of our souls – our Peace – our Saviour – our Bread of Life. And now what shall we offer thee? A good Will? Ah! dear Lord! thou must form it within us; thou must increase it, if thou hast already given it; that thus, we may become thy Brethren by grace, as we already are by the human nature thou hast assumed. But, O Incarnate Word! this Mystery of thy becoming Man works within us a still higher grace: it makes us, as thy Apostle tells us, partakers of that divine nature [St Pet. i 4] which is inseparable from thee in the midst of all thy humiliations. Thou hast made us less than the Angels in the scale of creation; but in thy Incarnation thou hast made us Heirs of God, and Joint-Heirs [Rom viii 17] with thine own divine Self. Never permit us, through our own weaknesses and sins, to degenerate from this wonderful gift, whereby thy Incarnation exalted us, and oh! dear Jesus, to what a height!” 

– Dom Prosper Gueranger, The Liturgical Year



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