Bulletin Dec 11, 2022

St. Raphael the Archangel  Roman Catholic Church 
Traditional Pre-Vatican II Mass and Sacraments 
1401 Norton Ave Indianapolis, IN 46277 
(317) 296-3757 
Rev. Fr. Christopher Spray – Rector  
Week of December 11, 2022 Weekly Collection 12/4 – $1017  

Third Sunday of Advent 

Weekly Liturgical Calendar and Mass Intentions 

Monday Dec 12 Within the Octave of the Immaculate Conception (sd)
Donor’s Intention 
Tuesday Dec 13 St. Lucy (d)  
Within the Octave of the Immaculate Conception Donor’s Intention 
Wednesday Dec 14 Within the Octave of the Immaculate Conception (sd)
Donor’s Intention 
Thursday Dec 15 Octave Day of the Immaculate Conception (dm) 
Donor’s Intention 
Friday Dec 16  St. Eusebius (sd)  
Donor’s Intention 
Saturday Dec 17 Ember Saturday (s)
Donor’s Intention 
Sunday Dec 18 Fourth Sunday of Advent (sd) 
Pro Populo 

Meditation on the Third Sunday of Advent from The Liturgical Year  

 Dom Prosper Gueranger  

There hath stood One in the midst of you, whom you know not, says St. John the Baptist to them that were sent by the Jews. So that our Lord may be near, he may even have come, and yet by some be not known! This Lamb of God is the holy Precursor’s consolation: he considers it a singular privilege to be but the Voice, which cries out to men to prepare the way of the Redeemer. In this, St. John is the type of the Church, and of all such as seek Jesus. St. John is full of joy because the Savior is come: but the men around him are as indifferent as though they neither expected nor wanted a Savior. This is the third week of Advent; and are all hearts excited by the great tidings told them by the Church, that the Messias is near at hand? They who love him not as their Savior, do they fear him as their Judge? Are the crooked ways being made straight? are the hills being brought low? are Christians seriously engaged in removing from their hearts the love of riches and the love of sensual pleasures? There is no time to lose: the Lord is nigh! If these lines should come under the eye of any of those Christians who are in this state of sinful indifference, we would conjure them to shake off their lethargy, and render themselves worthy of the visit of the divine Infant: such a visit will bring them the greatest consolation here, and give them confidence hereafter, when our Lord will come to judge all mankind. Send thy grace, O Jesus, still more plentifully into their hearts; compel them to go in, and permit not that it be said of the children of the Church, as St. John said of the Synagogue: There standeth in the midst of you One, whom ye know not. 


If you are interested in joining the choir, please let Fr. Spray know. 

Christmas Masses will be at Midnight and 10am.