Bulletin Jan 1, 2023

 St. Raphael the Archangel  Roman Catholic Church
 Traditional Pre-Vatican II Mass and Sacraments 
1401 Norton Ave Indianapolis, IN 46277
 (317) 296-3757
Rev. Fr. Christopher Spray – Rector  
Week of January 1, 2023 Weekly Collection 12/25 – TBA  


Weekly Liturgical Calendar and Mass Intentions  

Monday Jan 2 Most Holy Name of Jesus (d2cl) Octave Day of St. Stephen Donor’s Intention 
Tuesday Jan 3 Octave Day of St. John, Apostle and Evangelist (sp)  Donor’s Intention 
Wednesday Jan 4 Octave Day of the Holy Innocents (sp) Donor’s Intention 
Thursday Jan 5 Vigil of the Epiphany (sd) St. Telesphorus Donor’s Intention 
Friday Jan 6  Epiphany of Our Lord (d1c1)   FIRST FRIDAY Pro Populo 
Saturday  Sunday Jan 7  Jan 8 Within the Octave of the Epiphany (sd)  FIRST SATURDAY Donor’s Intention The Holy Family (dm) Sunday within the Octave Within the Octave Pro Populo 

“There was another custom, which originated in the Ages of Faith, and which is still observed in many countries. In honour of the Three Kings, who came from the East to adore the Babe of Bethlehem, each family chose one of its members to be King. The choice was thus made. The family kept a feast, which was an allusion to the third of the Epiphany-Mysteries – the Feast of Cana in Galilee – a Cake was served up, and he who took the piece which had a certain secret mark, was proclaimed the King of the day. Two portions of the cake were reserved for the poor, in whom honour was thus paid to the Infant Jesus and his Blessed Mother; for, on this Day of the triumph of Him, who, though King, was humble and poor, it was fitting that the poor should have a share in the general joy. The happiness of home was here, as in so many other instances, blended with the sacredness of Religion. This custom of King’s Feast brought relations and friends together, and encouraged feelings of kindness and charity. Human weakness would sometimes, perhaps, show itself during these hours of holiday-making; but the idea and sentiment and spirit of the whole feast was profoundly Catholic, and that was sufficient guarantee to innocence.”  – Dom Gueranger, The Liturgical Year 


We will report the collection from 12/25 next week in the bulletin. 

Also, next week’s bulletin will contain the breakdown of money in/out for the month of December. 

We will be preparing statements for those who have donated so that these can be used for tax deduction purposes. 

FRIDAY IS THE FEAST OF THE EPIPHANY AND FIRST FRIDAY!  MASS WILL BE AT 6:30PM!  PLEASE MAKE EVERY EFFORT TO ATTEND.  For those wanting Epiphany Water to be blessed, please bring your containers with you on Friday and the Epiphany Water will be blessed after Mass. 

First Saturday Mass will be at 10am. 

PLEASE MAKE EVERY EFFORT TO LEARN THE MASS RESPONSES!  All Catholics (MEN AND WOMEN!) of the age of reason should be able to make the responses.  You never know when a celebrant of a Mass may need someone to make the responses for him, particularly in the unusual times we find ourselves in.  The law of the Church is that someone MUST make the responses.  In the absence of a capable male, a woman may make the responses.