Bulletin Nov 27, 2022

St. Raphael the Archangel Roman Catholic Church

Traditional Pre-Vatican II Mass and Sacraments

1401 Norton Ave Indianapolis, IN 46277

(317) 296-3757


Rev. Fr. Christopher Spray – Rector

Week of November 27, 2022Weekly Collection 11/20 – $663  

First Sunday of Advent

Weekly Liturgical Calendar and Mass Intentions

MondayNov 28Monday in the First Week of Advent (s) Donor’s Intention
TuesdayNov 29Tuesday in the First Week of Advent (s) Vigil of St. Andrew (Mass of the day) St. Saturnius Donor’s Intention
WednesdayNov 30St. Andrew (d2cl) BEGIN ST. ANDREW’S CHRISTMAS NOVENA Donor’s Intention
ThursdayDec 1Thursday in the First Week of Advent (s) Poor Souls – N. Stassen
FridayDec 2  St. Bibiana (sd) FIRST FRIDAY Greg and Vanessa Stassen – N. Stassen
SaturdayDec 3St. Francis Xavier (dm) FIRST SATURDAY Donor’s Intention
SundayDec 4Second Sunday of Advent (sd) St. Peter Chrysologus St. Barbara For the People of St. Raphael’s (Pro Populo)

Meditation of the First Sunday of Advent

These words of the holy prophet, or rather of God who speaks to us by the prophet, should make a deep impression on the children of the Church, at this opening of the holy period of Advent. Who could hear without trembling this voice of our Lord, who is despised and unknown even at the very time when He is coming to visit His people? Lest men should be terrified at the splendour of His majesty, He divested Himself of it; and far from acknowledging the divine power of Him who thus humbled Himself out of love to them, these men have refused even to know Him; and the crib where He lay after His birth, had, at first, but two dumb animals to honour or notice it. Do you feel, Christians, how just are the complaints which your God here makes? And how your indifference for all His love is an insult? He calls heaven and earth to witness; He utters anathema against the sinful nation, His ungrateful children. Let us honestly confess that we, too, have not known the value of our Jesus’ visit to us, and that we have but too faithfully imitated the obduracy of the Jews, who heeded not the bright light when it burst upon their darkness. In vain did the angels sing on that December night; in vain did shepherds receive and welcome the invitation to adore the Babe and know Him; in vain did the Magi come from the east, asking where they were to find the crib of the King that was born. At this last example, the city of Jerusalem was somewhat moved; but the astonishment was only for a moment, and the old indifference soon stifled the good tidings.

Thus it is, O Jesus, that Thou comest unto darkness, and darkness does not comprehend Thee. We beseech Thee, let our darkness comprehend the light, and desire it. The day will come when Thou wilt disperse the spiritual and voluntary darkness of men by the awful light of Thy justice. Thy glory, O sovereign Judge, will be magnificent on that day, and we love to think upon Thy having it: but during these days of our life on earth, deliver us from Thy wrath. We are one great wound from the sole of the foot unto the top of the head; Thou knowest not where to strike: be, then, a Saviour, O Jesus, in this coming, for which we are now preparing. The whole head is sick, and the whole heart is sad: come, and raise up this head which shame and vile passions bow down to the earth. Come, and comfort this heart oppressed with sin and fear. We confess it, our wounds are deep and sore; come, thou good Samaritan, pour in Thy soothing oil and heal them.

The whole world is in expectation of its Redeemer; come, dear Jesus, show Thyself to it by granting it salvation. The Church, Thy bride, is now commencing another year, and her first word is to Thee, a word which she speaks in the anxious solicitude of a mother for the safety of her children; she cries out to Thee, saying: ‘Come!’ No, we will go no farther in our journey through the desert of this life without Thee, O Jesus! Time is passing quickly away from us; our day is perhaps far spent, and the shades of our life’s night are fast coming on; arise, O divine Sun of justice. Come! guide our steps and save us from eternal death.

Dom Prosper Gueranger, The Liturgical Year, First Sunday of Advent


This Friday is First Friday.  Mass will be at 6:30pm.

First Saturday Mass will be at 10am.

Please remember that items we need for the church will be added to the online list at:  https://www.thingstogetme.com/straindy

The list of things we need is growing, so please check the list repeatedly for items you might be willing to purchase for the church.  

We especially need a tabernacle, Communion Rail, Confessional Screen, Altar cards, and High Mass candlesticks.